Typical day

Good night! Hope you’re fine and having a nice day! 

Today I had a common, but amazing day! August 4th is my great friend & teacher birthday, I already sent her a message and always wish her the best ❤ 

Also, I had an appointment with my dentist today and me and my father had to cross the city again and face enormous traffic, but it was fine, we had fun and captured some Pokémons (Yes! The app is finally avaiable in Brazil. yay!). The dentist said I can finally be back to my normal activities, but I still have to be careful with impact movements. Backing to ballet/gym/swim class next week ❤

I finished a part of a project I’m working on this morning and I’m very happy and excited with the recent resultados! I won’t say a thing for while, but it’s a huge opportunity for me. Then, I worked some hours in my mother’s atelier, we returned home and had lunch with my brother.

Now, in the evening, I was talking with my friends from the time I was in Karate classes and we had so much fun, even just by phone messages. I miss them SO much! Fortunately, this weekend is when Okinawa Festival happens, so all of then will be there and we’ll probably meet. Looking foward to it.

I just finished watching a Elementary episode with my dad and I’m going to do my abs workout to officially finish the day!

As I said, I had a common, but enormously satisfing day!

Good night!


Arissa Ayumi

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