Second semester

Hey there! Today we officially started second semester here in Brazil! People are back to school, vacations are definitely over, but I am the exception of the time, I’ll have some more weeks of rest until I back to my normal activities due my post surgery. 

Time is pasting so fast! I can’t believe we’re already in August.. It’s cold yet, we’re 25 ºC, but it’s winding and it’s pretty fresh, we still have Sun and blue sky, although I’m wearing a scarf and a jacket.

Today I had a nice face massage with my physioterapist the dentist recommended me to do to help deflate my still a bit swelled face and I felt very light and relaxed after we finished. So good!

Since I have a free afternoon, I decided to spend it sewing some pointes shoes (love it!) and studying french, to be more productive. I still have to work out and stretch, I’ll do it before evening.

My friend & teacher gave me this tip about the sewing in the base of pointe shoes. I’ve always seen ballerinas doing it, but I’ve never actually tried, but they help a lot. I still don’t have appropriate material to sew it, and I always thought it was so hard to sew. However, compared to sew to ribbon, it’s so much easier to do. 

I also like to give myself a bit of extra confidence when I wear these lovely shoes, so I always put some encouranging words on it.

I will finish it and my french lesson and I will soon stretch.

It’s a lovely afternoon here, hope you’re having a nice time!

Arissa Ayumi

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