Hello! These past three days have been incredible exciting to me due the fact I restarted doing my research about Portugal Universities and the life there. Since I’m still recovering, I have plenty of free time and when I’m not stretching or reading, I’m on internet searching different things. 

Me and my father decided to search about the cost of living and studying in portuguese lands, so I was responsible to search about dorms price, food and supermarket, university cost and everything related to next year. I did it to both Universities I’ll apply and did some calculus. Yes, everything is fine! 

Portugal is one of the cheapests countries to live in Europe – of course I’ll try to find work while I’ll be there, but isn’t something impossible to do. 
One of the things that worry me, like, A LOT, is the fact I don’t know if it will be possible for me to keep doing ballet, specially because of the cost. I mean, it’s a country with fair prices to live in, but it’s still expensive to keep me there. I’m afraid to think this last semester is probably my last chance to be in ballet. Let me see what will happen in the future.

Besides the ballet thing, I am very excited to start thinking about next year! What an adverture is coming!

Hope you’re having an incredible day


Arissa Ayumi

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