Finally, back to ballet

Today completes 18 days from surgery. I’m still a bit swelled and only this week I restarted eating soft but solid food. In the first week, I lost 3 kg due the fact I could only eat soups and liquid things, now I have to back to my normal weight.

Today I finally went to my ballet school and met my teacher and all my friends. I miss all of them so much! We talked for about one hour while my other friends were in pas de deux class and then we chatted for another 30 minutes, it was so nice to see them again!


I’m not strong enough yet, specially to jump and doing grand battements and grand jetés and those kinds of things, and my dentist said I can only be back almost 100% after 40, 45 days. Anyway, I feel I can already be back to ballet classes, at least pliés, tendus and adágios – as my teacher recommended, so, I’ll propably be at my loved ballet classes again by next week. Can’t wait!

While I can’t completely return, I’m doing two different workouts to abs, some leg and inner thigh exercises and stretching, specially over splits and my back, because it’s the kind of exercise I don’t have to move so much, it’s safer. Sometimes I also try to do some balance and pointe work, all these to not being back in so bad shape and to take all this time I have to improve in some aspects. This little one in my picture is my beloved dog ❤ She’s so sweet!

I’m happy about being back!

Hope you’re having a fantastic day.


Arissa Ayumi xx

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