Operated work girl

This tuesday completes two weeks after surgery and I never thought it was going to be that fast! I can’t wait to finish my recovery because I still feel tired and it’s difficult to eat. The swelling is much better and my face is almost normal – the dentist sayed it take around 2 or 3 months to be entirely normal again.

Also, I still feel a bit weird when I have to go in public. I usually don’t care about what other people think, and I actually don’t care at all, but, I don’t know, just feel a bit discomfortable.

I have to do some exercises with my mouth and also to encourage my nerves to work again, which is kind of easy. To put iced things and quickly change to hot or to pick something pointed – like a dismonted clip and give small “hits” in my chin.

Today completes three days of me back to my exercises, and I feel great! It’s awesome to be back to my workouts. Since I can’t do any moviments with  impact (like jumps or most of cardio exercises)  I spent one hour warming, working on my abs, legs, splits, oversplits and worked in my feet too in the morning and it’s a relief to be back. My body is giving me a lot of positive feedbacks!

After that, I studied and then went to Escola Bolshoi’Bolshoion Facebook to watch their perfomances at 1pm during Joinville’s Festival. I wish so hard I could be there this year! Besides the competition and Bolshoi audition (which I participated last year – didn’t got in 😦 ) there are plenty of news in the fair – the new Capézio pointe shoes that was made to compete with Gaynor pointes and a lot of new products in the stores! Anyway, I am watching everything in the snapchat os the people that went over there. Good luck to everybody in the Festival!

Just to finish my day, after lunch I went to my mother’s atelier to help her with some sweets she needed to a party she is working in today and also helped to organize all the kitchen after we finished. Now I am having some rest reading a book that is helping me a lot with french grammar.

Hope you are having a great day!

Love from me to you,

Arissa Ayumi

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