Post surgery

I have already done my surgery (it passed 48h since that) and I am home now, a bit tired but feeling nice after I just finished this whole surgery thing. Now I have to rest.


It was a mouth procedure and my face is all swollen, so I basically need to relearn how to eat, due the fact I can’t move my lips and mouth well yet. Since I can’t stretch or go to any classes, I am spending all this time reading, watching Netflix or just being on internet. My whole family helps me a lot!

It’s pretty hot right now (about 27 ºC) and even I usually prefer cold weather, it feels much better having a hotter time during my recovery.

I hope I have a fast recovery and can go to ballet and swimming classes soon. I miss it a lot.. Meanwhile, it’s nice to have some rest.

Hope you’re having a incredible day!

Arissa Ayumi

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