Sunny winter

“Mr. Blue Sky you did it right. I will remember you this way.”

This is the most lovely time of the year for me. Winter is my favorite season as well as Autumm, but there are some things in extrem cold that I love and makes this wonderful time being the no. 1 for me.

Unfortunately, in Brazil and in my city, we don’t have degrees like 0 or 5, the minimun here is 12 ºC, besides the South, there is even snow sometimes in that area. Still, I love winter and low temperatures that comes with blankets, hot chocolate and the amazing feeling of wearing coats that only winter can provides to you.

But the most beautiful fact are the sunny days with endless blue sky. I have so much love for these times.

In fact, I love the gelid wind in my face when I am walking in the street, the blankets when I easily fall asleep, when the rainy summer days are changed by the winter blue sky, the hot tea and hot croissant with melting butter, the leaves in the tree that are always so confused with the weather here, the good sensation of the coats and boots warming you up and even warming up and doing ballet classes in Winter is better for me. I feel cozy and ready.


I hope we have some more of this weather here, they end up so soon every year…

Hope you have a nice week! Good Sunday,


Arissa Ayumi

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