Inside a typical Football match


We are worldwide famous for our football/soccer and I admit that this is not the kind of thing I enjoy. Really, it’s not something I appreciate, specially on TV, but being there, in the stadium, with almost 32 thousand people singing was so fun and special. We were there for Palmeiras, mine and my familly’s team, and we beat the other team for 4×0. It was a good match.

More than that, it was a nice time I could spend with my dad and my brother, who is not into football too, and we enjoyed ourselves very much, me and my bro loved the whole thing and we had a great time. I could even see three goals (We were still trying to enter the stadium by the time thay did the first one). Great day!

Hope you have a nice day!

Love from me to you,

Arissa Ayumi



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