Who am I? The new start

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I already had a blog before and I had this one, but now I decided that I wanted something new, with my personality and my way to write. Also, I believe in English is better because it turns the blog more universal, you can read it don’t matter where you come from.

The main thing is I want to keep my adventures and thoughts registered, so I can see in the future, or remember somethings in the days I feel more nostalgic. It is also extremely nice to share the good moments with other people.

So, hey, hello. My name is Arissa Ayumi, I have some european and japanese offspring, I’m 18 and I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, oh, I’m also a vegetarian. One thing my family and I loves to do is to travel, and all the places we go we collect amazing memories, live for some days meeting the local culture and we have a lot of fun with shopping, supermarkets and communication. I absolutely love it.

This year, I haven’t started college or worked, because I have a mouth surgery to do in July, but the day is not set yet and next year I’ll probably move to Portugal. So, I took the whole 2016 to dedicate myself to ballet, which is my biggest passion, and study french and german (by myself).

With time you will learn that ballet is my lifestyle and is my world. I wish so hard that I could learn more about technique, so I could be and work as a ballerina. I also dance tap and flamenco – which I love very much! Flamenco is such a beautiful, captivating dance! I’ll tell more about all my dance life after.

I love writing and I really hope this works. Welcome to my life. Love from me to you.

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